3 Series Parts Road Trip

Our trusty 1989 325i made a big circle trip over 10 days:

  • Start at Fallon, NV
  • Highway 95 (mainly) to Las Vegas, NV
  • Highway 15 (mainly) to Orange County, CA
  • Highway 101 (mainly) to Arroyo Grande, CA
  • Highway 1 (mainly) to Monterey, CA
  • Highway 101 (mainly) to San Jose, CA
  • Highway 80 (mainly) to Reno, NV
  • Highway 50 (mainly) to Fallon, NV

Here it is in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn at Arroyo Grande, in foggy evening weather.

E30TRIPThe little car ran perfectly, even though it left Fallon without a cooling fan because a blonde lady who shall remain nameless left a 22mm wrench on the end of the crank nut after doing the valve adjustment, and then started the engine. Oops!!  Saw ree.

In Las Vegas, the blonde did penitence by lying on a concrete slab in 102 degree weather in the heat of the day, gazing up at a dead E30 engine compartment, to remove another cooling fan from the Pick-A-Part junkyard there. Fortunately she’d brought the 32mm wrench along with her on the trip.  It’s in the list of “what every girl should take on a road trip.”

The ironic thing is that Tanya naturally has negligible eye lashes, and she’s tired of trying to turn nothing into something using vast amounts of mascara, so she got some (semi) permanent eye lashes professionally glued on Las Vegas.  Problem was that after the treatment she wasn’t allowed to get them wet, and she’d laid on her back in the desert dust in the junkyard right before rushing to the eyelash gluing session. So, for next 48 hours, she was a very dusty blonde.

The rest of the trip was almost normal, with the exception of having to rescue a dead black 6-series BMW in the middle of the night on a deserted off-ramp of highway 101.

Never boring, life at 3 Series Parts. 🙂


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