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Email us at:

or text us at: (775) 238-6850

You are welcome to call, too but we might be lying under a car, so if we don’t answer, please do leave a voice mail.
We’re located in cheerful, low-crime, sunny, dry-climate Fallon, Nevada — just east of Reno, Nevada. Top Gun moved up here from Miramar and so we enjoy our classic car business even as F/A-18 jets fly overhead. The US Navy likes the weather here, and so do we. It’s good for our cars, too. Dry weather means that the danger of rust is much reduced.

We are a division of OCLES, Inc., a Nevada corporation in good standing. OCLES in an acronym for Old Car Life Extension Systems. We have been in business as a corporation since 2003, but the experience of our German-raised founder goes back many more years, as to German cars.


14 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi, I am looking for a glove box door and latch for a 1988 325ic. Do you have one, and what is the cost? Thanks, John

    • Hi John! Yes, I do. 🙂 Used, good condition (though after 25+ years not flawless) and I guarantee you’ll like it or I’ll refund your money and shipping. The price is $50 for the glove box door, $10 for the lock and latch. This doesn’t include the back hinge or the hanging straps and it doesn’t include the little BMW flashlight or the key for the lock.

      Thank you for inquiring!


  2. I have a 84 318i with a high idle problem. What is the cost for a mass air flow valve? The engine goes to 2800 rpm as soon as it is started. Replaced iac valve & controller, tps, cleaned mac valve & replaced all the vacuum hoses. Nothing is fixing problem.

    • Hi Bob, The mass air flow valve for the 318i is $200 but I’d suggest don’t buy it yet. I also own a 1984 white 318i and it also doesn’t idle right, and I’ve been playing with it as a low priority. The next step is to do a smoke test: essentially pressurize the intake manifold with smoke-filled air and see if it leaks out anywhere. Have you tried that?

  3. Not yet, I will probably use my leak down tester ,I do not have a smoke machine. However the ohms and the voltage test on afm gave readings all over the scales. Thank you.

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