Cheerfully Laboring on Labor Day

We’re using Labor Day as a good day to clean up our front storage room; the room has huge picture windows and the view isn’t exactly inspiring … maybe it was in 1937 when the building was erected.

Right now we’re more concerned about people looking in than us looking out. Although the little town where we are located has an ultra-low crime rate, I don’t want to be the exception, and bins full of who-knows-what might be tempting to someone who really, really needs some money for the next shot of heroin or helping of meth. So I’m doing my bit for fighting drugs by keeping druggies from stealing my stuff; very socially responsible of me!

Here’s the north-facing window. It’s huge, and it gets down to single digits in the winter (yes, Fahrenheit), and the north face is the coldest section, so I put shades up for the neighbors and passers-by to not see industrial-strength insulation (what a nice neighbor I am) and then a huge thick panel of insulation.

So when you order parts from us in December, we won’t have to break icicles off your parts before we box and ship.

Here are some pictures.  Can you guess what flavor of BMW these doors are from? (Hint: it’s NOT a 3-series car; yes, we also manage, and

2015-09-06 18.29.39

2015-09-06 18.29.32


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