Bringing the Elephant Graveyard Back to Life

Parked in my yard or sprinkled throughout northern Nevada are ten BMWs, each of which has one difficult-to-fix flaw that makes that car non-viable as daily transportation.  I’ve been dodging the issues for years, and parking each car as it became non-viable.

And, now, I need to attend to it since I have only only viable car left (and no, it’s not a BMW — oh, the irony)!

Here’s the list and what’s most urgently needed:

1. 1991 BMW 325i Convertible (not mine, but fixing it will release some tied-up capital): needs a transmission

2. 1992 BMW 735i:  needs a transmission, drive shaft, door lock

3. 1987 BMW 325:  needs a clutch job

4. 1984 BMW 318i: needs a fuel injection problem fixed

5: 1989 BMW 750iL: needs a windshield

6. 1987 BMW 325i: needs a fuel injection problem fixed

7. 1984 BMW 633CSi: needs door lock fixed

8. 1982 BMW 633CSi: needs window and fuel injection fixed

9. 1988 BMW 635CSi: needs accelerator cable fixed

10. 1986 BMW 635CSi: needs a transmission

Jeez, that’s between $20,000 and $50,000’s worth of capital just siting there.  I need to get on with fixing these and liquidating some.

So, today is another BMW fix-it day.


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