Shifter Upper Hardware

On the 1987 stick shift 325, the shifter goes through a rubber grommet about 4″ in diameter.  Once the shifter mechanism is attached to the body of the car, the upward pressure will wedge the grommet in place.

Before that happens, feed the back-up light wiring down into the hole, from the top of the carpeted transmission tunnel down to where it will connect to an electrical plug on the actual transmission.

I have yet to see a grommet that’s not badly torn.

Fit the gearshift lever through the cosmetic cover, whose vinyl I have only seen in torn condition except for the brief period after I bought a new unit from the dealer for $81.  It soon was torn too, even though I tried to baby it.

Snap the cover into place.

Lastly, snug the gearshift knob onto the lever.

If I can ever get my hands on a decent grommet, I plan to sell it for $10.  I expect it’ll still be imperfect but not completely thrashed like the units I have seen.

A decent-looking cosmetic cover, if I can ever find one, I plan to offer for $20.  I expect it’ll also be imperfect but not as badly torn as most.

I also offer the stock gearshift knob for $10.


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