BMW E30 3-Series 325i 1988-1992 Bosch Fuel Injection Wiring Harness for the M20B25 engine

This post is about used Bosch fuel injection wiring harnesses for sale. If you’ve damaged yours, or it’s suspect, or you lost it during a rebuild, here’s some good news: you can buy a good used unit from us. And, we normally have these in stock.

Or, maybe you are doing some custom diagnostic work on your fuel injectors, and this will make life easier for you.

On one side, this little wiring harness connects to the main engine wiring harness with a round plug.  On the other side, it branches out with six wires, one to each fuel injector.

Also, integral to this wiring harness are the wires to the sensors at the front of the engine (temperature sensors, as far as I know).

Here is a picture that I took of this part:


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