Used Parts

This link goes to a list of every used part we had on hand, as of early this morning.

The list is dynamically drawn from our on-hand inventory database.

15 thoughts on “Used Parts

  1. I hope you can help me. I have a ’79 BMW 630 with the ZF3HP22 transmission. I need a speedometer drive gear from one of these or a drive gear assembly. It is the only thing i
    I have left to fix so I can put it on the road. I don’t want to just plug hole, I want to fix it right. Please help me locate one. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Mike, I love that you want to do this the right way. Wow, the 630 … super rare and cool.
      Sadly I’ve sold my last 3HP22 and I don’t have another one, or any parts … I’ve checked with the US ZF distributor and also struck out there. I’m trying to think what we can do. That transmission got superseded by the ZF 4HP22 which showed up in 1984 on BMWs so we can expect to find ZF 3HP22 transmissions on the automatics through 1983 which to me means the E21 (320i), E28 (528e, 633i), E24 (630 CS, 633CSi), E23 (733i) … those are quite a few options. And I doubt BMW was the only company that used this transmission … Anyway, simple answer is, sadly I don’t have it. I could start hunting for a transmission but essentially I’d want to sell the whole thing, not just the speedo gear. Is that in your budget, buying an entire transmission, assuming I can find one? Then again, another option is to upgrade to an 4HP22. The bell housing should be the same. Is this a show car you’d like to keep original?

      • Hi. Thank you so much for getting back to me. This issue is turning out to be one of the most difficult things I’ve had to overcome on this project. Let me give you a little info on what I’m dealing with. 20 years ago, a friend of mine had this car sitting in his shop. A guy brought it from Germany. Four barrel carburetor, points distributor and only 59k miles. The guy went to prison for running drugs. Unable to get a title, it sat for over 10 years, he told me if I could get it running, I could have it. He wanted to use the body for a drag car. I got the drive train. That’s been 20 years ago. It now sits in a 1950 Chevy pick up. I will send you pics if you let me. I’m proud of how it has turned out. The console is custom built for the 3spd shifter. The driveshaft is modified to adapt to the GM rear end. I made a speedometer cable to go from the GM speedometer to the BMW transmission. I have made a lot of custom things for this truck. I started it up and ran it through the gears in the shop and noticed the speedometer wasn’t working. Fluid was leaking from the speedometer cable attachment point on the transmission also. I removed the output housing from the transmission to find that the speedometer drive gear was not there. After 20 years of building this truck in my spare time, the housing sits on my bench in need of a plastic gear! I don’t want to buy another transmission, but it looks like I might have to. If I go to a ZF4 then I probably would have to also redo my driveshaft and my shifter. That would be a lot more time effort and expense. If you would be kind enough to help me locate a gear, or perhaps a transmission that wouldn’t cost too much, got to have shipping to central Florida for a reasonable price also, then I guess I will do that and I will just have a spare transmission sitting around. That route just equates to an awfully expensive drive gear! But like I said, I want it right and I promised myself I would not roll this thing out until it was FINISHED. Any help you could give me in this would be greatly appreciated. I would have loved to have kept the car ( it was red), but that couldn’t be done so I’m keeping it’s heart alive in something else. Send me a way to do it, and I will send you some pictures. It’s truly one of a kind. I call it my GMW. Thanks. I look forward to your response.

      • Forgot to add some info, the part # for the gear is 24211205994 and the #for the drive assembly is 24211207016. These parts were used on the following vehicles:
        3 series- E21-75-83
        3 series- E30-81-91
        5 series-E12-72-81
        5 series-E28-80-87
        6 series-E24-75-89
        2500 3.3 Li -68-77
        7 series-E23-76-86

        Surely, somewhere out there is a speedometer drive gear I can get for this thing. I need help locating one. Thanks for the assistance.

      • Thanks for replying. Right now I’m trying to look at a parts website in Germany for the ZF company themselves. Don’t know if I’m doing it right. Not finding anything, but I don’t read German either, but I’m trying. Please get back to me with whatever you find or maybe give me a number to reach you if that would be easier. Do you want to see the pictures?

      • Need more like you too. So far, you’re the biggest help I’ve had in 4 continuous days of looking for this. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

      • Awww thank you! I’ve emailed my friend who works at the official US ZF distributor The details you provided are very helpful. They suggest the part might have been used in both the 3HP22 and 4HP22. If so, that makes the quest much easier.

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