BMW E30 (325, 325e, 325i) Used, Good Ignition Parts for Sale

We sell used, good ignition parts for BMW E30 3-series cars such as the 1984-1991 318i, 325, 325e and 325i.

We like to understand what we sell. We would like you to enable you to also understand what you’re buying. So, I put together a sort-of-chronological flow of the events.

The crankshaft position sensor picks up a signal and sends it to the Motronic computer, via a wiring harness.

The computer generates a command spark to the coil.

This spark is sent to the distributor cap. Inside the cap a rotor turns to distribute the spark, and an internal dust cap keeps things clean.

The six high-tension leads go to spark plugs on the individual cylinders.

All of the parts just mentioned, we sell.

You can get used parts from many sources. But, typically the reason you are buying these is because you’re trying to isolate a problem. One major reason to buy from us is that we test the parts for which the condition is hard to judge visually. For example, if you buy a coil or computer or set of high-tension leads from us, it will have been in a car that’s actually been driven.

Distributor caps, dust caps and rotors we don’t test; we go by a visual inspection.

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