BMW E30 3-Series 325 Super eta 1988 Cylinder Head For Sale, Original Quality, Used, Guaranteed Good Condition


We sell good, original BMW, used E30 325 cylinder head units for the Super Eta, which is different than the normal Eta.

This part fits the E30 325 BMW made in 1988 only, the last year that the eta engine block was used in US cars. This is for the M20B27 2.7 liter low-revving engine, casting number 885. The price is $300.00 plus shipping.

At the time of this writing (Winter of 2013/2014) we have one unit in stock. We continually replenish them but they are rare. I hope to have this item in our inventory indefinitely, but it’s not likely.

I’m selling the basic head and I guarantee that it’s in good shape. Not included in the deal, but I hope you like them, since some of these are what makes a Super eta head different from the “i” head, are:

  • Belt drive pulley
  • Camshaft
  • Rockers
  • Valves
  • Valve springs
  • Valve guides

The manifold studs are sometimes physically included, sometimes not.

The Super eta used single valve springs, so were you to put this on an “i” engine (as in 325i/325is/325ic/325ix) and rev it high, then you’re likely to damage the head. I suspect the camshaft profile might be different too, between the Super eta and the “i” engine.

I am selling and guaranteeing only the basic casting, i.e., the aluminum cylinder head. Everything else that I happen to include is a freebie. I hope that the condition of these extras will delight you but if they don’t, then that shouldn’t trigger a warranty claim since I’m not selling those parts in the first place. All I’m selling is the basic casting, the aluminum head.

Not included, physically or otherwise:

  • Head bolts
  • Head gasket
  • Valve cover
  • Valve cover gasket

The casting number is 1 705 885. We know you have a choice as to alternate vendors for this part. We try to be competitive with affordable prices, friendly service — and you get an original BMW quality part, albeit used.

We sometimes know the car off which the part came, and if the car ran fine, we like to convey that on a case by case basis so that you can have a higher level of confidence yet. Here are more details about our satisfaction guarantee.

Please contact our friendly staff, to order your cylinder head.

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