Dialog to Show Why I Made a New Standard for POS E30s

You’re into POS E30 cars. You’re impatient. Great! I wrote this for you — to save you time.

Example Dialog to Explain

Via Facebook or email:

“Hi, I’m selling a POS E30. I pulled the motor and tranny.”
“Awesome. How much?”
“$400 cash, you haul. Address is 123 Elm Street, Anytown, NV 12345”

… and then, in person:

“Dude, where’s the radiator?”
“Dude, I pulled it as part of pulling the engine.”
“Well, can I have it?”
“Gone. Sold it!”
“And the drive shaft? Wait, the exhaust is gone too.”
“Well, duh …”
“The glove box is missing too.”
“To get the ECU out, that made it easier.”
“Wait, not ECU either?”
“Well, it was part of the wiring harness when I sold it.”
“Wait, that’s not included either?!”
“Dude, don’t whine. Go to Pick N Pull and go buy one.”
“Yabbut I just spent 2 hours arranging a trailer and driving here and not half the stuff I assumed would be there, ain’t”
“Sucks to be you. You know what they say about ‘assume'”

Wanna avoid this? Read on.

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