BMW E30 3-Series 11/1986-1991 Steering Rack Alternate Vendors

We sell good, original BMW, used E30 3-Series 11/1986-1991 Steering Rack units. The price is $300 plus shipping.

One option is to go remove the part from a help-yourself junkyard, but the amount of work involved and the skill level required, are not trivial. There is also a fairly sizable risk involved, because steering racks tend to not age well. 

We found a non-BMW brand, refurbished, for just over $250 … plus a core charge of $250.

We found a ZF (which I believe to be the official BMW brand part) unit, rebuilt, for just over $900.

Allegedly the BMW dealer charges, wow, more than $825 for a new, original BMW part … plus a core charge of $500.

We don’t charge a core charge. Some of the other vendors I’ve researched do add on a core charge. To redeem that, you have to take or send your old part back to where you did the transaction, within a particular span of dates. This seems reasonable — yet often, this ends up being non-viable in practical reality. In such cases,  the core charge ends up as simply one more cost.

It’s probably safe to say that our used units are price-competitive.

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