BMW E30 3-Series 1989-1991 Rear Bumper For Sale, Original Quality, Used, Guaranteed Good Condition

E30 3-Series 1989-1991 Rear Bumper

We sell good, original BMW, used rear bumper parts for the BMW E30 3-series with the body-colored plastic-covered bumpers.

This part fits the E30 318is, 325i, 325is, 325ic, 325ix and M3 BMW made in the following years: 1989, 1990 and 1991.

The price is $280.00 plus shipping.

However, this is for the entire assembly, including every part. Don’t buy what you don’t need — we sell the individual parts too.

At the time of this writing (Spring 2013) we have no units in stock. We have just sold the last one we had in stock. They move fast! However, we continually replenish them so I expect we’ll have this item in our inventory again this coming week, and into the indefinite future.

E30 3-Series 1989-1991 Rear Bumper

We offer the entire assembly, or individual parts:

  • Metal section: $40
  • Plastic body-colored cover: $120
  • Impact rubber stripping: 3 x $20
  • Side lights: 2 x $10
  • Shock absorbers: 2 x $20


Not included: Wiring for the side lights

There is a design difference between the after-1988 rear bumpers and the earlier model. We try to be competitive with affordable prices, friendly service — and you get an original BMW quality part, albeit used. Here are more details about our satisfaction guarantee.

Please contact our friendly staff, to order your rear bumper.

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